About the Exhibit

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The Winnetka Historical Society’s online exhibit: Loosen Your Corset, Roll Up Your Sleeves: The Progressive Era in Winnetka: 1890-1920 examines the transformation of a sleepy rural village into a forward-looking, modern suburb.

Running parallel to these changes were severe social dislocations across the country as impoverished populations, from here and abroad, flooded cities in search of the economic opportunity offered by factory jobs. The consequent overcrowding of neighborhoods, outstripping urban infrastructure, led to disease, deeper poverty and social unrest.

Produced by the Winnetka Historical Society

Directed by: Ellie Carlson, Katie Macica, and Patti Van Cleave

Assistant Director: Cecile Hales

With Production Assistance From

Harry Grace, Nan Greenough, Helen Weaver, Anne Bahan, Becky Hurley, Susan Whitcomb, Elsa DeJaegher, Jude Offerle, Crispin Hales, Cathy Jorgensen, Sally Schneiders

Vintage Films Processed and Original Video by MF Howe, Cameo Multimedia, Inc.

Online Exhibit by Emily Gerst

Click here to see pictures of the exhibit, located at 411 Linden in Winnetka. 

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